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Darren Anderson: Music


Samba Pa Ti

(Darren Anderson)
April 19, 2009
Written by Carlos Santana - embellished by Darren Anderson

Holiday - Acoustic - Unplugged

(Darren Anderson)
January 11, 2005
A Scorpions classic ballad with a few twists and turns..

Last Train Out

(The Last SunDown Carl Alameda, Darren Anderson, Dave Mota and Hector Harris)
February 8, 2004

Through My Eyes

(Darren Anderson)
January 22, 2008
Darren Anderson - Guitar, Bass


A Woman's Worth

(Kristina Sablan feraturing Darren Anderson on Lead Guitar and Bass)
October 5, 2008
Available on Kristina Sablan's CD 'A Prayer'