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Darren Anderson: Photos

D and youngest son Kenny
Darren with son's Kenny and Brandon
Kristina and Darren say goodbye to Espresso Garden in San Jose

Misc. Friends, etc.

D in High School the early stages of the long hair era
4 time super bowl champion Eric Wright with Kristina and Darren November 2008
Darren and Kristina with Dean Markley and the Ho'Omana band at a Firesign Entertainment show
Dean Markley and Darren's mom at her birthday party with the Ho Omana band June 2008
The Peoples Chef; Arsenii Samoilo with Kris and Darren after running sound for a number of chef demonstrations at Santana Row
Darren with Travis Hogue prior to a performance at the Little Fox Theatre - October 2008

My spiritual guide

The Hawk - We all have our guide
My animal guide - In Action -

Little- D - Martial Arts

1978 Mercury News Tournament Winners Announced
D receiving silver medal in state championship Judo tournament
Young D in Jiu Jitsu / Judo training 1980 The Throw part 1 The Beginning
Young D in Jiu Jitsu / Judo training 1980 The Throw part 2 The Ending

Random Pic's

Got Strings? (a show at the Britannia Arms - Cupertino)
Darren and Kristina's brain child: Firesign Entertainment Group banner - A company bringing music to ~EVERYONE ~
Firesign Entertainment founders; Darren and Kristina
Good Joke
I Like To Singa (the best cartoon ever!)

My favorite acoustic guitar (tied with my Taylor 914ce)

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